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Installation, setup and use

Quick start guide for Wayzn Smart Pet Door

Congratulations on your purchase of the Wayzn Smart Pet Door, the device that turns your existing sliding glass door into an automated pet door. Let's get started!

Create a Wayzn account

Each individual who wishes to set up or control a Wayzn Smart Pet Door must have their own Wayzn account.

Install your Smart Pet Door

You can install your Smart Pet Door in only a few minutes by following these step-by-step instructions.

Pair your Smart Pet Door with the Wayzn mobile app

After you've physically installed the Smart Pet Door it's time to pair it with the Wayzn app.

Calibrate your Smart Pet Door to your sliding door

After successfully pairing your Smart Pet Door with the Wayzn app you must calibrate the device to your specific door.

Learn how to engage and disengage your Smart Pet Door

Your Smart Pet Door is designed to pivot out of the way so you can use your door normally.

Open and close your door using the app

Learn how to operate your door using the Wayzn mobile app.

Configure motion detection

Configure motion detection so your door can be opened automatically and closed safely.

Adjust the settings to control your Smart Pet Door

Adjust Wayzn's numerous settings to get the pet door experience that's right for your home.

Enable notifications

Learn about the available notifications and how to enable them.

Add additional users

You can give limited control over your Smart Pet Door to trusted individuals. Here's how.

Connect your Smart Pet Door to Alexa (trigger by voice, camera or other smart device)

The Wayzn - Alexa integration gives you the option to operate your door by voice, open the door at set times, and use other devices to trigger Wayzn using a simple Alexa routine. Learn how to set it up.

Train your pets to use the Smart Pet Door

A little training now will go a long way to ensuring you can enjoy your new freedom for years to come. Don't skip this step.