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Train your pets to use the Smart Pet DoorUpdated a year ago

Congratulations on completing the setup of your Smart Pet Door. We know how anxious you must be to start using it. Please keep in mind that a little training now will go a long way to ensuring you can enjoy your new freedom for years to come.

As pet owners ourselves, we know that training is important anytime you introduce a new task or objective for your pet. This is especially true when the safety of your pet is at stake.

Please allow several days for your pet(s) to become acclimated and comfortable using the Smart Pet Door. You can increase the likelihood of success by following these simple steps:

  1. Introduce the Smart Pet Door slowly by limiting use initially to once or twice per day.
  2. Supervise all use of the Smart Pet Door in person during the training period.
  3. Use treats and praise to encourage the desired behaviors.
  4. Train your pet(s) not to touch the Smart Pet Door device at any time.
  5. Train your pet(s) to wait until the door is fully opened before they exit
  6. Train your pet(s) to exit promptly and completely once the door is opened. It is important that your pet(s) learn to exit and enter without stopping, and to move away from the door completely after passing through the doorway.

Don't rush the process. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt any unsupervised use of the Smart Pet Door until after your pet(s) and family members are fully acclimated, and then only if you have complete confidence that it is an appropriate activity for all the members of your household, human and otherwise.

We hope you and your pet(s) will enjoy using the Smart Pet Door. If you encounter technical issues please check out the Smart Pet Door troubleshooting guide which covers common challenges and their solutions.

We'd love to hear about your experience with the product. To provide feedback, offer suggestions, or receive technical support, you can contact us.

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