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Learn how to engage and disengage your Smart Pet DoorUpdated a year ago

Your Wayzn Smart Pet Door is designed to easily pivot out of the way whenever you want to regain full use of your door. This is a critical safety feature, and it is important that everyone in your household knows how to disengage the device in case the door must be used for exit during an emergency or power outage.

Before using the Smart Pet Door, take a moment to learn how to properly disengage and engage the device, and how to protect it from accidental damage.

To disengage the Smart Pet Door

Grab the device by the rod, with your hand close to the door adapter, and pull up. Pivot the Smart Pet Door until it is fully upright. Once upright, the frame adapter will hold the device in place and the rod will retract automatically.

Important note: When opening the door, stop before the door makes contact with your Smart Pet Door. To further protect against damage, we suggest placing a 4-inch piece of foam or plastic in the door track immediately next to the frame adapter (as shown here). This will prevent your door from making contact with the device and potentially damaging it while disengaged. 

To engage the Smart Pet Door

First, open your door about halfway. Next, grab the device by the rod and pivot it down, adjusting the door as needed, until the rod adapter latches into the door adapter. Your Smart Pet Door will wait for a few seconds after you set it down, then it will automatically extend to close your door.

Now you're ready to open and close the door using the Wyazn mobile app


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