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Install your Smart Pet DoorUpdated a year ago

Before installing and using WayznSmart Pet Door, please take a moment to review the Wayzn Smart Pet Door Quick Start Guide for important information regarding safety and security.

Installing your Smart Pet Door is the first step in the Add Wayzn process. You can access these instructions in the Wayzn app anytime from the home page by selecting "Add Wayzn" then "Add My Wayzn" and then "Installation Instructions."

For your convenience, you can also access the entire Installation Instructions flow here.

If you have difficulty completing the physical installation please refer to the Smart Pet Door troubleshooting guide, or contact us if you are still unable to resolve your issue.

After completing the physical installation, proceed to the next step in the Add Wayzn process: 

Pair your Smart Pet Door with the Wayzn mobile app

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