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Wayzn Pet Tag troubleshooting guideUpdated 8 months ago


My tag(s) stopped working

The battery health level is being reported incorrectly

I need more batteries

My tag(s) stopped working

If none of your tags are working, it could be for a variety of possible reasons. Please follow these steps to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Step 1

Be sure your Pet Tag receiver is plugged in, and the battery in each of your tags is fresh. Then, navigate in the Wayzn app to the "Connected Devices" page and make sure each of your tags is listed. Consult the appropriate articles if you need help changing a tag battery or pairing your tag with the app. If everything is powered and your tags appear as connected devices, continue to the next step.

Step 2

Be sure you have given permission to open the door with Wayzn Pet Tag in your Smart Pet Door "Device Settings". Also, if you are using a custom "Schedule" and not the default schedule, be sure you are testing the tag during a scheduled time. If you need help, read about setting your Smart Pet Door to work with Wayzn Pet Tag. If your settings are correct and the tag still won't work, please continue to the next step.

Step 3

It is possible that a software update is temporarily interrupting the normal function of the system. When new software is being downloaded by the receiver or a tag, the light on the receiver will blink red. If you see a red blinking light, please wait until it goes out, then test your tag again. The blinking light should last a few minutes at most. If you are testing with no blinking red light and the tag still won't work, please continue to the next step.

Step 4

Differences in building materials and layout from one home to the next can cause differences in how efficiently the Pet Tag system works. You may need to increase the "Responsiveness" setting for your tag to get better results. When testing, hold the tag within 12-18 inches of the receiver and keep it in place for at least 20-30 seconds. If the tag still doesn't work, please continue to the next step.

Step 5

Sometimes software problems can occur. Normally such problems can be solved by re-booting the system. You can reboot the Pet Tag system by unplugging the bridge and removing the battery from each of your tags. Then re-power the bridge and re-insert your tag batteries. Next, wait at least one minute for everything to resume normal operations, then test again as described in step 4.

If following these steps doesn't result in the successful operation of your tag(s) please contact us so we may assist you.

The battery health level is being reported incorrectly

You may see the battery health reported incorrectly. This can happen when the tag has not been used recently to open the door, or when the battery has just been changed. When the battery strength is reported from the tag to the app the information must travel through the receiver, the Smart Pet Door, and then up to the cloud and finally to the app. This process can only occur when the tag successfully opens the door, and then the process can take several minutes to complete.

I need more batteries

We are working to make the tag as efficient as we can, but from time to time the battery will run low and need replacing. You can find CR2032 batteries at your local drug store, hardware store, or online from a variety of sources including Amazon.

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