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Set your Smart Pet Door to work with Wayzn Pet TagUpdated 6 months ago

After setting up your tag(s) and correctly attaching them you should adjust the settings in the Wayzn app that determine how and when the Wayzn Pet Tag will open the door.


Enabling and disabling the Open with Pet Tag feature

Enabling a custom schedule

Using Wayzn Pet Tag -- what to expect

Enabling and disabling the Open with Pet Tag feature

Like motion detection, Wayzn Pet Tag must be enabled in your device settings to work. After setting up your Wayzn Pet Tag, you can enable this feature so Wayzn Pet Tag opens the door when you are home, when you are away, or both.


Step 1

In the Wayzn app on the home page select the tile for the Wayzn Smart Pet Door you wish to automate. Once on the device page, use the ellipsis in the upper right corner to access the menu, then select "Settings".




Step 2

To automatically open the door when a tag is detected while your Wayzn is in 'Home Mode', locate the Home section and toggle Open with Pet Tag to the green (enabled) position. To enable this feature to work while your device is in 'Away Mode' use the similar toggle in the Away section.

Important Note: If you have any concerns about the security of your yard, we recommend leaving this feature off for 'Away Mode' to reduce any risk of unwanted entry that may occur if your pet is lured toward the door. Instead, we suggest using a security camera to notify you of motion in the area and allow you to view the surroundings before using the Wayzn app to open and close the door. 


Enabling a custom schedule

Using the Schedule feature is completely optional. However, if you have set a custom schedule, features like motion detection and connected devices will only be able to operate your Wayzn Smart Pet Door during scheduled times. By default, the schedule is enabled for all days and times. If you wish to modify your scheduled automation times, follow these instructions for using the Schedule feature.

Using Wayzn Pet Tag -- what you should know

If you've followed all the steps for installing and setting up Wayzn Pet Tag, you're now ready to begin using it! 

Here's what you should know, and what to expect:

There may be an initial delay before it starts working

When you first activate the system it may take a few minutes to warm up while information is passed between the Smart Pet Door, and the components of the Wayzn Pet Tag system. If there is new software available, the light on the receiver will blink red while files are being downloaded to the receiver and/or passed to any tags that are in range. Your tags will not be able to activate the door until this warm-up period is complete.

It requires training and must be used with care

Anytime you introduce a new technology it is important to slowly and carefully acclimate your pet. Wayzn Pet Tag is no exception. When you first introduce it, watch for any signs of discomfort, anxiety, or fear, and immediately stop using the product if any of these symptoms are observed. For safety reasons, train your pet to immediately pass all the way through the doorway when the door opens and not to delay action or sit or stand part-way through the opening. Operating the door with Wayzn Pet Tag unattended is a risky activity and failure to sufficiently train and monitor your pet using the system will put your pet at risk. If you have any doubts about your pet's ability to use the product safely, please discontinue use immediately and contact us to arrange to return the product for a refund.

It is for secure yards only

Wayzn Pet Tag automates your Wayzn Smart Pet Door so your pet can exit and enter your home without your assistance. This significantly reduces the security of Wayzn Smart Pet Door, thus Wayzn Pet Tag should only be used in secure yards. If you have any concerns at all about the safety of your home or pet, do not use Wayzn Pet Tag. Instead, please contact us to arrange to return the product for a refund.

It is designed to work slowly

When designing Wayzn Pet Tag, we set out to strike a balance between your needs and those of your pet. As humans, we want a way to let our pets come and go as desired, but we don’t want a door that is constantly opening and closing all day and night. So, in addition to including basic scheduling capabilities, we programmed Wayzn Pet Tag to work a bit slowly. The system will intentionally ignore your pet if it passes through the detection area without stopping. Only when your pet approaches the receiver and remains in close proximity for at least a few seconds will the door open. And if your pet decides to take a nap right in front of the door it will open only once until the tag leaves and re-enters the detection zone.

The tag battery must be changed periodically

The health of the tag battery is shown at the bottom of the tag settings page, accessed via the "Connected Devices" menu item. If the battery health meter shows red it means the battery should be changed immediately. Follow these instructions for changing the tag battery

If a tag is detected by the receiver and determined to have low battery health the Wayzn mobile app will provide a notification to your phone (if you have the Wayzn app closed or in the background, and you have allowed notifications in the app settings. 

We're here to help!

If you encounter any problems with Wayzn Pet Tag please discontinue using it immediately and review the Wayzn Pet Tag troubleshooting guide for solutions to common issues. If you can't find a solution to your problem in the help center, please contact us so we may assist you.

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