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Pair and configure the Pet Tag with the mobile appUpdated 8 months ago

After installing the Pet Tag receiver, the next step in preparing your Wayzn Pet Tag is to pair the system with the Wayzn mobile app. This article provides step-by-step instructions.


Setting up a Wayzn Pet Tag

Accessing the tag settings page

Adding additional tags

Setting up a Wayzn Pet Tag

Step 1

Navigate to the home page in the Wayzn app to see a list of your available Wayzn devices, and select the Wayzn Smart Pet Door that operates the door where you installed the Wayzn Pet Tag receiver. Once on the device page, use the ellipsis in the upper right corner to access the menu, then select "Connected Devices".




Step 2

Next, select "Add Device" to see the list of possible devices, then select "Wayzn Pet Tag". If you've already installed and powered your Wayzn Pet Tag receiver you can select "Continue" to proceed.




Step 3

Before you can add your first tag you must activate the receiver. To activate the receiver, hold the button on top of the receiver until the light on top of the receiver turns blue. After a slight delay the app will take you to the next step.

Note: This receiver activation step is only required when adding your first tag, and the app will automatically bypass this step when adding additional tags.


Step 4

After your receiver is activated, the app will prompt you to insert the supplied battery into the tag. Inserting the battery puts the tag into pairing mode for 30 seconds. If you have previously inserted the battery, remove it and re-insert it now to place the tag into pairing mode.

To proceed, remove the tag from the strap by gently stretching the strap to release the posts on all four edges until you can pull the tag from the strap. 

Once the tag enclosure is free of the strap, open it by using your fingernails or a small screwdriver to separate the two halves. Start at one end and work your way around the enclosure in circles until the enclosure opens. Insert a new CR2032 battery into the battery compartment with the plus sign facing you as pictured.



Step 5

After installing the battery, replace the enclosure cover so that the long post of the enclosure base and the long post of the enclosure cover are aligned with one another. Apply gentle sideways pressure on the cover as you press down to remove any air. Continue gently working the two halves of the enclosure together until you achieve a snug fit with no gaps along the seams.

Next, re-insert the tag into the tag strap. First, make sure the logo on the inside of the strap and the logo on the enclosure are both facing you and oriented the same way, as pictured.

Then insert the tag into the strap, starting with the long post at the bottom of the tag, as shown.

Finally, stretch the strap around the edges of the tag until the remaining posts sit flush with the outside of the strap as pictured here.


Step 6

After a few seconds, the Wayzn app will notify you that your tag is ready for use. Select "Continue". You will be taken to the tag settings page. At this time the settings page is in TESTING MODE and you can simply close this page by using the back arrow in the upper left corner to return to the Connected Devices page.

Give your tag a name

If you plan to have multiple tags in use, you can give each tag a unique name. This will make it easy to differentiate one tag from another when setting responsiveness or monitoring battery health. To name a tag, on the Connected Devices page click on the name of the Wayzn Pet Tag you wish to modify (it will be named "Wayzn Pet Tag" if you haven't renamed it). Once on the Wayzn Pet Tag settings page click the Rename link in the upper right of the screen. When prompted, enter the desired name and click Save.  


Adjust your tag's responsiveness (THIS IS NOT YET AVAILABLE)

The Responsiveness slider controls how responsive the receiver will be when detecting the tag nearby.  You can adjust the responsiveness of each tag individually. Moving the slider to the left will require your dog to sit or stand near the receiver for more time before the system responds, thus reducing the likelihood of the door opening when the dog is simply passing by. Moving the slider to the right will make the system respond faster but will increase the possibility of the door opening when the dog is simply passing by.


Monitor your tag's battery health

The health of the tag battery is shown at the bottom of the page. This information is updated within two minutes after a tag detection occurs. If the battery health meter shows red it means the battery should be changed immediately. Follow these instructions for changing the tag battery

If a tag is detected by the receiver and determined to have low battery health the Wayzn mobile app will provide a notification to your phone (if you have the Wayzn app closed or in the background, and you have allowed notifications in the app settings.

Before using Wayzn Pet Tag, please be sure you have the tag correctly positioned on your dog's collar. Follow these instructions on how to attach and position a tag.

After setting up your tag(s) and correctly attaching them, your Wayzn Pet Tag is ready to use. Next, follow these instructions for using the Wayzn Pet Tag to learn how to use the Wayzn app to adjust the settings that determine how and when the Wayzn Pet Tag will open the door.


Accessing the tag settings page

You can return to the tag settings page anytime. To begin, in the Wayzn app on the home page select the Wayzn device associated with your tag. Once on the device page, use the ellipsis in the upper right corner to access the menu, then select Connected Devices. Click on the name of the tag to access the tag settings page for that tag.




Adding additional tags

If you have more than one dog, you can add up to 8 pet tags per Wayzn Pet Tag receiver. To add an additional tag, on the Connected Devices page click on Add Device. When prompted to choose the type of device, select Wayzn Pet Tag. If you already have a Wayzn Pet Tag receiver configured, the Wayzn app will prompt you to insert the supplied battery into the tag. Follow the same procedure you did in Step 4 above to finish adding your additional tag.


After pairing and configuring your tag(s), the next step is to learn how to correctly position and attach a tag to your pet's collar.

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