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Smart Pet Door FAQUpdated 8 months ago


Fit, specs, and requirements

Installation and care

Features and functionality

Returns, warranty and shipping

Fit, specs, and requirements

It comes in three sizes. The small accommodates doors with an exposed track length from 27 to 30.5 inches. Medium accommodates tracks from 30.75 to 37.5 inches, and large from 37.75 to 49.75 inches.

Any two-panel sliding glass door where the fixed panel is the outermost panel. Wayzn can not be placed outside the home and is not designed to work with 3+ panel doors.

Yes, it will work on a double door (i.e. two adjoining two-pannel doors that open in opposite directions from the middle), but the door without the Smart Pet Door on it will need to be secured in place so it can't be opened from the outside. If one of the two doors locks into the top or bottom of the door frame, then you can simply install the Smart Pet Door on the other door. If the two doors lock together but neither door locks to the door frame then you can install a small foot lock to secure one door in place and install the Smart Pet Door on the other.

The maximum opening width depends on the size of your door -- specifically your exposed track length. By clicking the Configure button on the Wayzn Smart Pet Door page on our website you can learn how to measure your exposed track length and see exactly how wide your door will open with Wayzn so you can test with your dog to ensure it can pass through. When not in use you can easily pivot your Wayzn Smart Pet Door out of the way allowing the door to open fully.

It comes with a low-voltage, 12V DC, power adapter and 6-foot cable that you can plug into any standard wall outlet.

Yes, if an average person is able to open the door with one hand, the Smart Pet Door should have no trouble opening and closing the door. The height and weight of the door is not important, but heavier doors may cause the Smart Pet Door to be a little louder than normal, so this is something to consider before buying.

It uses a visual sensor for safety, and to enable the auto-open feature. If you have door blinds they will likely block the sensor's line of sight and interfere with device operation. We suggest removing your blinds if using the Smart Pet Door.

Yes, it requires a 2.4 GHz WiFi network with good signal strength. A dual-band network is fine as long as it includes a 2.4 GHz band.

The Smart Pet Door does not include a camera. It is designed to be used in conjunction with any wireless camera that will alert you to motion and let you view the area around the door to make sure it is safe before opening your door with the Wayzn app.

It is designed in California and consists of parts that are manufactured in various countries. Final assembly may occur in the U.S. and/or Columbia.

Installation and care

Yes, you can choose the orientation that works best based on the amount of space between the device and your door, and your personal preference. You will need to choose your preferred orientation before pairing the Smart Pet Door with the Wayzn app because this information is detected and used during setup.

Yes, but if you change the orientation after pairing the device to the Wayzn app it may not work properly. To resolve this issue, delete and re-pair the device.

Yes, Wayzn Smart Pet Door is easy to install in just a few minutes, and the only tools required are a screwdriver and tape measure It does not require a contractor or professional installation.

No, it must be placed inside the house where it can't be tampered with, is safe from the elements and can be disengaged in case of emergency.

Replacement parts are available in the Wayzn store. If you believe a part failed due to a manufacturing defect, please let us know.

The Smart Pet Door should not require maintenance, but over time dust can collect on the rod and mix with the grease on the o-ring that the rod moves through inside the housing. If this occurs, it may cause discoloration of the rod or create unwanted friction and noise. In addition to keeping the area clean, there are a few steps you can take that may improve matters. You may be able to clean the rod with a cloth and rubbing alcohol. You can also apply a small amount of Vaseline or clear grease around the rod (while it is fully extended) where it enters the housing.

Features and functionality

  • Use the Wayzn app from anywhere. We suggest using a camera to view the area before operating the door remotely
  • Enable the on-board motion detector to let your pet out (but not back in) automatically
  • Connect Alexa to operate the door using voice commands
  • Use an Alexa routine triggered by any Alexa-compatible camera
  • Give your pet a Wayzn Pet Tag (sold separately) for full control to come and go as desired

The Wayzn app lets you:

  • Set the length of time for the door to remain open before closing
  • Reduce the opening width below the maximum if desired
  • Enable or disable automation features such as motion detection, Alexa and Wayzn Pet Tag
  • Schedule days and times for automation
  • Add/revoke additional users
  • Enable or disable location detection to toggle Wayzn automatically between home and away modes based on your phone's location

For a complete list of available settings see: Adjust the settings to control your Smart Pet Door

When closing the door, The Smart Pet Door constantly checks for potential obstructions. It monitors how much effort is required and it scans for heat in the doorway. If it thinks there may be an obstruction it will immediately stop closing the door, open it, then try two more times to close.

With Wayzn Smart Pet Door you are in control of when and how the door is opened and closed. When you are not at home, it is intended to be used with a security camera. Your camera should be able to detect motion outside the door, allowing you to view the area around the door to make sure it is safe before opening your door with the mobile app.

The Smart Pet Door is designed to safely close your door by utilizing sensors to identify potential obstructions while closing. When it detects an obstruction it will re-open and pause before trying again to close the door.

The Smart Pet Door is designed to remain powered at all times so it can receive software updates at night and will always be up-to-date and ready for action. When not in use it is simple to disengage by pivoting the device out of the way, allowing the door to open normally. There is no on/off switch. If you wish to unplug the device, to avoid having to recalibrate we recommend placing it into the upright, disengaged position and waiting for the rod to fully retract before removing power. Be sure the device is also in the disengaged position before restoring power.

Yes, the Wayzn app is capable of supporting multiple Smart Pet Door devices.

The Wayzn Pet Tag is an optional accessory for the Smart Pet Door. It is a good option for homes with secure yards where pets need to come and go at will. Wayzn Pet Tag is the only collar tag that is compatible with Wayzn Smart Pet Door.

We intend to complete these integrations but there is no timeline yet specified for development.

There is no API available at this time, and no specific plan for development.

Returns, warranty and shipping

The product can be returned within 30 days from delivery. Unopened products are fully refundable, and opened products are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Yes, all Wayzn products come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. For details please review our Warranty Policy. Wayzn Smart Pet Door also has an extended warranty option at the time of purchase.

Please contact [email protected] to request a refund or replacement.

Once it is ready to ship, your Wayzn Smart Pet Door will ship via UPS Ground and may take 3-7 days to reach you. You will receive an email with a tracking link when your shipping label is printed.

Not at this time. We hope to internationalize the product and introduce it in other regions in the future.

You can purchase an extended warranty for your Smart Pet Door as long as it is still within the original warranty period. To do so, please contact [email protected].

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us so we may assist you.

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